Published On April 29, 2013

Aim of this website is to spread the thoughts of Swami ji to one and all. When you listen to Swami ji though videos then those thoughts reach directly to you. Please share this website with your friends and acquaintances.
  • We must be grateful to God that His reincarnation in the form of Divya purush
    Swami Ramdevji has appeared to realize and eradicate the pains and pangs
    being created by the present rulers who have inherited the black culture full
    of corruption, deceit, murder, loot etc. from the Britishers to quench and
    satisfy their infinite thirst and lustful bad appetites respectively. All
    must listen to swami Ramdevji on Astha channel and follow the path which is
    being paved by him to enjoy tension free and comfortable life otherwise the day
    is not far when the situation will become so cumbersome that we the sufferers will
    build the houses and the rascals will throw us out and they themselves reside
    in these houses beside behaving indecently with our daughters and others. That will be too late to awake. This is the right time to role the monstrous
    environment back otherwise Swami Ramdevji or the like will not come to see your
    sufferings again and again.

    Some of the parents are lucky enough to get their wards admitted in the Acharyakulam to attain moral and right type of education according to the bhartya culture. Get up quickly and more quickly. Regards: Ramesh Chander Sharda, Passiwal, Punjab.

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